Stress: The Ultimate Intimacy Killer

One of the hall­mark char­ac­ter­is­tics of excep­tional cop­ers is the
capac­ity to go numb when stressed and keep on going. Because they have so much to do and feel it’s impor­tant to accom­plish every lit­tle thing, many great cop­ers become eas­ily frus­trated, irri­ta­ble and some­times hos­tile and cynical.

For some, rela­tion­ship prob­lems are caused by insen­si­tiv­ity to the
peo­ple around them. Self-absorption and focus­ing on your own wor­ries can result in feel­ing so anx­ious and bur­dened that you don’t notice oth­ers or their needs.

Think of it this way: If you’re dri­ving a car 30 miles per hour, you’re
likely to be rea­son­ably cour­te­ous to your pas­sen­ger. You might ask, “Are you com­fort­able? Want to lis­ten to the radio?” But if you are dri­ving 120 miles per hour, you won’t care if your pas­sen­gers are com­fort­able. You need to keep your eyes and mind on what you’re doing.

If you man­age your life as a per­pet­ual road race, there will be an inevitable toll on your relationship.

If you are fre­quently exhausted, you’ll be too tired to pay atten­tion to
each other.

If you are con­trol­ling when you inter­act with oth­ers, they will stop
reveal­ing them­selves, fear­ing unwanted invasion.

If you are a per­fec­tion­ist, your crit­i­cism will alien­ate others.

If you’re exces­sively com­pet­i­tive, oth­ers will avoid you for fear of being
put down.

If you are impa­tient, oth­ers will feel anx­ious when around you.

If you repeat­edly express irri­ta­tion and hos­til­ity, oth­ers will
undoubt­edly feel wounded, not nur­tured by you.

If you habit­u­ally do or think more than one thing at once, oth­ers will feel that you never fully attend to them.

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